Chinese artist Liu Xue creates sculptures of human figures that have been augmented with animal body parts. The eerily lifelike sculptures range from centaur-like human/pig hybrids to rather disquieting chicken-people. ~This one makes me deeply sad

Sharpie Lamborghini

The Sharpie Lamborghini 19 year old CEO Brett David of Lamborghini Miami dealership and local Miami graffiti artist Jona Cerwinske came together to turn a classic vehicle into something iconic.

Girl with dog on Fiat

Arthur Elgort Kate Moss on Fiat, Paris, VOGUE Italia, 1994 Courtesy of Arthur Elgort and Staley-Wise Gallery

smoke ellievmorris

smoking continues to be illogically hot ----------------------------------------------- black and white & smoke & photo shoot inspiration

kiss kiss.

Slowly by Slowly, Take My Breathe Away & Blow🔥LOVE❤️ Into My Mouth; Filled it Until I Drown Plenty of Passion♠️: pencil drawing / sketch - lips

Come With Me...

Touch the sky art print - Sweet William illustration on archival paper hot air balloons on Etsy.So sweet!

Coffee Pot - Silver with rosewood handle / by Sigurd Persson, 1958, Stockholm

Schönheit trägt: Kaffeekanne

Coffee Pot - Silver with rosewood handle / by Sigurd Persson, Stockholm

Sarah Illenberger.

Creative food photography ideas by Sarah Illenberger. You wouldn’t look at fruits and veggies the same way again as you smile and heartily feel fascinated with these food photos from her.

By the super awesome: Tyler Shields!

Great inspiration for a Red Line Portrait - Tyler Shields, 'Tongue Tied,' Guy Hepner