Sarcofago in oro di Tutankhamon - museo egizio del Cairo

I have pretty much been in love with anything Ancient Egyptian my whole life! mInnermost funerary coffin of King Tut Ankh Amon, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities ~ Tahrir Square, al-Qāhira (Cairo), Egypt.

From King Tutankhamun's tomb....Goddess Isis Protecting Tutankhamun's Shrine

From King Tutankhamun's tomb / Goddess Isis Protecting Tutankhamun's Shrine

Alabaster King Tut, canopic jar (detail), found in Tut's tomb, Egypt

Alabaster King Tut, canopic jar (detail), found in Tut's tomb, Egypt. Canopic jars just like this one many times held certain organs of the deceased.

The Fish of Vettersfelde.The richest gold finds from antiquity originate from the burial mounds of Scythian princes in the northern Black Sea region, ca. 500 BCE.

(Russia, Scythai) The Gold Fish of Vettersfelde.The richest Gold finds from antiquity originate from the burial mounds of Scythian princes in the northern Black Sea region. ca 500 BCE.

Recreación física de la Reina Nefertiti basada en la escultura en un hayazgo arqueológico. La recreación nos muestra el estilo de vestimenta de una reina real en los tiempos del antiguo Egipto. Se aprecia en detalles la cantidad de accesorios y detalles que tanto las caracterizaba.

Nefertiti reconstructed in digital by Sven Geruschkat, who says: Nefertiti lived was the wife of Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). She was co-regent, bore 6 daughters and died at Her name roughly translates to "the beautiful (or perfect) one has arrived".

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry and I want it all!!! Actually, a few of these pieces I do have replicas of on the store (, but not as many as I would like!

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Tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses IV, in Valley of the Kings, Egypt.

*TOMB of PHARAOH RAMESSES IV ~ is located low down in the main valley, between and It has been open since antiquity and contains a large amount of graffiti. Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Ornate Ancient Egyptian Collar

Egyptian: Dynasty, BC: Inlaid broad collar Tutankhamun’s tomb. Valley of the Kings, Egypt.

Frog Amulet, c. 1540-1296 BC Egypt, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18 carnelian, Overall - h:0.90 w:0.90 l:1.30 cm (h:5/16 w:5/16 l:1/2 inches). Cleveland Museum of Art

*EGYPT ~ Frog Amulet, B. Via clevelandart In Ancient Egypt the frog was a symbol of mortal life and fertility, Heqet being the goddess of child-birth. More about the amulets in Egyptian religion

A fourth-century BC ancient Egyptian faience inlay depicting 'Horus of gold', the falcon symbolises the sky god Horus; it perches on the hieroglyph for 'gold'. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Faience and polychrome inlay of Horus The falcon of Horus is standing on the hieroglyph for gold, giving the god’s name ‘Horus the Golden’. The details and colours are spectacular. Found in Middle Egypt, Hermopolis. Late Period or Ptolemaic Period,.

Temple of Hathor Dendara, Egypt

Dendera Temple complex is located about km south-east of Dendera, Egypt. It is one of the best-preserved temple complexes in Egypt. The area was used as the sixth Nome of Upper Egypt, south of .