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North Midland Times in 1942

Advertisements from The North Midland Times newspaper of 1942

North Midland Times in 1942

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August 1942 notice from Coroow agent James H. Doney advertising heavy duty gas producer units - which were made popular during the war by tight rationing of patrol.

"To have strength for your daily tasks eat plenty of Bread every day. To get good Bread baked under the proper conditions buy from W. J. Wagner" - advertisement for W. J. Wagner, Pioneer Bakery, Moora in August 1942.

Government notice that appeared in The North Midland Times newspaper on 10 July 1942 advising of tea rationing.

Interesting 1942 advertisement for Eno's Fruit Salt - "Eno allows no poisons to get into her system to make her miserable. Give Eno to your children."

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Cartoon from the internal pages of the North Midland Times newspaper in 1942. It is captioned "Hey! No going' out over y'r depth!" with maybe just a touch of irony!

1942 advertisement for the general store and agency of N. W. Reynolds in Carnamah showing some of the impacts the war - unreliable trains and transport, and restrictions on opening times.

Disney's "Pinocchio" made it to the North Midlands of Western Australia in May 1942 with screenings in Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs. Also shown was the movie "Men Against The Sky".

Some brands last the distance! May 1942 advertisement from The North Midland Times for Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum for "after every meal - as that's when this healthful chewing gum is most valuable as an aid to digestion"

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Cartoon from the inside pages of the North Midland Times newspaper in May 1942: "This makes plougnin' a pleasure!"

"The front line runs through the factories" - Churchill. Advertisement from the North Midland Times newspaper in May 1942 reiterating the value of factories and their safe operation towards the war effort.

Insurance for war damage, as advertised in May 1942.

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"Save It... for Australia..." 1942 advertisement encouraging citizens to buy bonds to help fund the war. The bonds were basically a loan that would later be repaid with interest.

In the interests of national security a census of all earth-moving machinery was taken across the country. "Avoid Penalty and Help the War Effort - Send Your return before April 30th" 1942.

April 1942 advertisement for the Strand Cafe in Morawa - "Superior Meals and Grills at All Hours" in addition to suppers, fish, fruit, vegetables, tobacco, cigarettes, confectionary, petrol and oil.

April 1942 advertisement for motor engineer and electrician J. S. Parrott of Morawa. He effected repairs to cars, trucks, tractors and engines and was an agent for Mortlock Bros Ltd through which he sold Hudson cars and Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

"The amazing drama of a father and son, caught in the surge of a love greater than their love for each other -- their love for this glamerous woman, whose beauty stood between them" - West Talkies return to Coorow, Carnamah and Three Springs in April 1942 with the movie "My Son, Mr Son!"

Impressively illustrated advertisement for Emu Bitter beer, from The North Midland Times newspaper in April 1942. "When the job's done, there's only one refresher" - with a strong patriotic overtone and wartime theme.

North Midland Times in 1942

"Don't Wait - you'll be too late" - £1000 First Prize in Fortnightly Sweeps No. 101 Charities Consultation - as advertised in April 1942.

Advertisement failure from April 1942! If you don't read the small text in the top right-hand corner it reads as though the advertisement is against business!

April 1942 advertisement for McCormick-Deering tractor disc harrows, available through Coorow agent James H. Doney

Advertisement from early April 1942 advising the deadline to register for tea rationing. In the interests of business forms could be obtained at Eric H. Gurr's general store at 7 Macpherson Street in Carnamah.

April 1942 advertisement for Swan Lager beer with a clever play on words... "The best of the Brood (brewed) - Swan Lager"

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"One Shot Won't Win the War! BUY War Saving Certificates" - as advertised in March 1942.

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The often forgotten casualties of war. Partly due to difficulty in obtaining stock Albert and Eva Cowderoy decide in March 1942 to close down their business, which they had been operating in Carnamah since 1927. Their business was at 2 Macpherson Street - now the Carnamah Newsagency.

Tragedy Trial... We Dare Not Fail! March 1942 advertisement encouraging people to lend money to the government and thereby help support the war effort.