It happens to me all the time…

This has been my life for the last 15 years, until I FINALLY got help with a hearing aid.


The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes. I like this quote although I wouldn't use the "F" word.

When no one can stand against your group...

in our project for mrs corrells class we actually named our group "team power rangers" and gave everyone a color lol

New Girl....

New Girl. i feel ya nick miller, i don't trust birds because they can fly

Guilt ....... so thankful my God made a way to destroy sin, guilt, and memories there of for us through the cross!

Mar Saech : What death thought me about grief. The mind replays what the heart can't delete. Losing my hero was so hard.


Totally me! So much studying, so little time. Well, actually there's plenty of time, I just prefer to waste it doing random shit.

the most funny HD video compilation fail #funny

The building is on fire! There's only one thing I can do! *music* Let me take a selfie.

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i love cats. i love sunglasses. i especially love cats IN sunglasses.


Chemistry Summary…

Funny pictures about Told a chemistry joke in class today. Oh, and cool pics about Told a chemistry joke in class today. Also, Told a chemistry joke in class today.

lost-my-ability-to-give-a-damn-funny-quotes.jpg 620×620 pixels

I've lost my ability to give a damn. If found, no need to return it. Go ahead and keep it and see if it works for you.