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Bangs & Face Shape: The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape, Page 16

Approximately 18" long. Venus/Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, beguiles Gods and man alike. Without Her, there is no joy nor loveliness. She moves in a radiant light--with Her, beauty comes. This wand features the alchemical symbol of Venus as well as those things dear to Her --the metal copper, the dove, and the color rose pink.

kate bush -- Kate bush is totally my fashion goddess.

PANDORA | Snake silver ring with cubic zirconia

I love Brigitte Bardot, but I've yet to see any of her films... Must remedy that.

platinum highlights on blonde hair | natural blonde with platinum chunks of highlight through the hair ...


Lavender Star DIY Sweeeet!!! -- Love doing this!!! Nice Instructions (Don't forget - You can also incorporate number magick) -- #wicca #pagan #diy

I must admit I do love this. Taste like tangerine too. Creamy, beautiful.

#Stonyfield Banilla Low Fat Yogurt Smooth 'n Creamy - we buy 5 of these a week for me and 5 French Vanilla's for my guy! Yeah, we love 'em!