Who Is Candid?

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a sign that is sitting in the dirt near a rock and a boat with an alien head on it
Opera News
Does Candid have an encounter at this motel?
a teepee in the woods with trees around it
Is this the teepee where Candid generously gives the gift of her virginity, for the, um, second time?
a blue pick up truck parked in front of a cliff
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"We think this is Candid's truck. Large reward if you identify the plates!"
an old camper is parked in the woods
Does Candid's trailer look something like this? Have you spotted it? Let us know!
a large statue of abraham lincoln in front of a mountain
Does Candid... you know... with a Belgian tourist under the watchful eyes of Lincoln at Mt. Rushmore??
the inside of a cave with light coming from it's windows and rock formations
Does Candid really... you know... on a private 'tour' deep inside Lewis and Clark Caverns?
a green and yellow frog statue sitting in the grass
On the Road with Candid!
"Greetings listeners! Yes, this is the famous frog where Candid... you know... outside Fort Leonard Wood."
an indoor roller coaster in the middle of a building
Exclusive Interview with Candid!
Does Candid really... you know... on the roller coaster at the Mall of America??
"Is this the infamous green dress that Candid bought and... you know... in the Mall of America?" Dresses, Infamous, Green Dress, Halter Dress, Green
"Is this the infamous green dress that Candid bought and... you know... in the Mall of America?"
the main entrance to the mall of america building
"There have been numerous sightings of Candid at the Mall of America!"
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a window covered in drapes
Does Elvis invite Candid to... you know... in this very room in Belle Meade mansion?
a large white building with trees in front of it and leaves on the ground around it
Belle Meade Historic Site & Winery | TN Vacation
Does Candid really meet Elvis at Belle Meade Mansion in Memphis?
there are three warning signs in the desert
Xoilac TV | Xem Trực Tiếp Bóng Đá Xôi Lạc TV Miễn Phí 90Phut
Does Candid... you know... with an alien in Area 51??
a group of people sitting at tables in front of a restaurant with green awnings
Does Candid finally meet up with her one true love for beignets at Cafe du Monde?