Drop Coffee | Stockholm

to ] Great to own a Ray-Ban sunglasses as summer gift.one day i will fika in stockholm. this summer i will spend time in seattle coffee shops making actionable to-do lists to do the big creative things i want to do.


Brick brick and MORE BRICK! the new mast brothers shop sells more than just chocolate: cool cookbooks and delicious sweets, too.

The Jam Facotry by DBALP in Siam Discovery Complex in Bangkok, Thailand. He found a chain of warehouses in Thonburi, on the side of the Chao Phraya River opposite to the Klongsarn Market, and what started as a search for a bigger space turned into a project that would retrofit the entire warehouse into The Jam Factory, a cafe that also features a gallery and a bookstore, a creative urban space where visitors can drop

The Jam Factory: Duangrit Bunna’s All-In-One Office, Cafe, Gallery, Bookstore

Door19 / ArtKvartal - Love the design of this bar

Gallery of Door19 / P H. D - 24

Lot Sixty One, Amsterdam. Roaster on show.

Lot Sixty One Amsterdam by Petite Passport - great coffee spot, summer or winter