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Grabado en Madera de la Tugboat Printshop

This detailed woodcut has taken 2 years to produce! The detail is magnificent.

Xilogravura - Samuel Casal

Xilogravura - Samuel Casal - good example of using lines to create shape---I know it's a stamp but I must learn to draw this!

Cusack's freehand ornament. A text book with ch...

see site for many more - 1895 - Cusack's freehand ornament. A text book with chapters on elements, principles, and methods of freehand drawing, for the general use of teachers and students . by Armstrong, Charles

large robin, via Flickr.

I posted this earlier but have since repainted the background so here it is finished. large robin painted cherry woodcut block x x Lisa Brawn 2010

The macro-world - explore exciting symmetry, texture, depth and contrast - take macrophotos of a succulent garden in black and white then reinterpret as black and white linocuts - mount photo and lino side by side - image inspiration: Theresa Haberkorn: "Mullein" Wood Engraving

Stop into The Art Location at 1905 E Mission Blvd. in Fayetteville, AR. We sell MOO Carve lino blocks as well as Speedball cutter assortments, inks, and kits!

amazing work of art tattoo, looking to do something tasteful and similar to this

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt inspired tattoo. I would love to get a Klimt inspired tattoo, but I fear that the wonderful detail would get lost. This one is done by Speranza Tattoo in Buenos Aires.