Sexy es poco.

currently looking for my real life college makoto. until I find him, imma stick with original college makoto :)

Sousuke Yamazaki x Rin Matsuoka gif

Sousuke can do that moves too. ( ♡ v ♡ ) Future Fish - Free Sousuke and Matsuoka Rin gif


Rin Matsuoka, Sosuke Yamazaki, Makoto Tachibana, Haruka Nanase, Nagisa Hazuki and Rei Ryugazaki

Sousouke Yamazaki

Sousuke doesn't have to eat healthy. He can eat an entire pizza himself in 45 minuets and be fine at practice the next day. Rin on the other hand watches what he eats and even got a schedule from Rei and Gou

this is the Free! English dubbed cast. Im so excited!! And the voice actor for Rin is supposed to be Vic Mignogna

ENGLISH DUB cast looks great. I'm especially excited for Rin's voice actor! I hear grwat things about this one!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club -Haruka and Makoto (whyistheresomuchrinharuonthiswebsitewhatswrongwithyoupeople)

Iwatobi Swim Club -Haruka and Makoto (whyistheresomuchrinharuonthiswebsitewhatswrongwithyoupeople)-I agree