These paper plates are a visual representation for the differences between home, city, state, country, continent, and planet. You can do this in English or Spanish!

"My Place in the World:" Kids Geography Project

This simple project with help teach kids geography and increase their global awareness as they begin to grasp their city, state, country, and continent.

A divertirse con los peques!!! Vamos a hacer con ellos este líquido para burbujas!!!

Líquido casero para burbujas


Experiment for toddlers l Experimento para niños

Experimentos infantiles con frascos

4 experimentos infantiles ¡en frascos

Science for kids, kids science, rainbow jar, make a rainbow in a jar. I would try to get plastic peanut butter jars donated for this.

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¡No hay modo mejor de aprender que experimentando! Os traemos 4 experimentos infantiles que se hacen en frascos, ¡aprender nunca fue tan divertido!

4 experimentos infantiles ¡en frascos

Water, jar, dish soap= tornado in a jar. Pinner: Used a baby food jar and this didn't really work. Used a prego jar and filled with water to about an inch from the top and added a couple drops of dish soap. Fun to see the Tornado.

Mas de 70 Experimentos ideales para infantil, primaria y para hacer en casa

Mas de 70 Experimentos infantil, primaria y para hacer en casa.

Experiments for Infants and Primary students

Levantar un vaso con un globo. Experimentos para niños

Com funcionen els globus aerostàtics?

Water Density Experiment - Using Sugar & Water

We Made That shares a simple water density experiment that ends with this fun rainbow of colors in a glass. The colors stay separated for several days. Sugar, water, food coloring is all you need.

pintura con leche experimento para niños

Experimento con pintura y leche

I love this rainbow twist on the classic kids' science project!

Love this classic color changing flower experiment for kids! White carnations or daisies with food color. Water will soak up and color flowers. Learn how flowers "drink" water

Optimismo que nos une

18 experimentos que harán que los niños sueñen con ser científicos