If Your Food Told the Truth, Here's What it'd Say to You.  One of the best things I've seen!

If Your Food Told the Truth, Here's What it'd Say to You. Peanut butter is my boyfriend

Finally, my favorite ducky extracted from that really huge pin with all the cute animals. <3

15 Animals Who Wish They Were Still This Cute

the cute natural duck face I remember my mom bought me some baby ducks as pet. Love you Mom!

Revealing HUGE life changing news #ontheblog today! Eeeek! (post includes this adorable free printable by @paperfelt )

7 Year Blogging Anniversary {And a Huge Announcement

"What if I fall?" oh but my darling, what if you fly? (quote from poem by Erin Hanson)

For real!

The Good Vibe - Inspirational Picture Quotes. I like this quote although I wouldn't use the "F" word.

Having passion for something goes much more beyond the actual object. Being able to truly believe in what you're passionate about and being real to yourself is a value that can be overlooked. I was raised in a family were we spoke the truth and always expressed how we felt about the situation.

Remember this. Stop saying sorry! Positive Thoughts, Positive Life: Quotes To Live By.NEVER apologise for being real.

Not sure if this should be filed under cool, geek, cute, or art inspirations=)  The answer- yes!

Writing Prompt: Then the tiniest dragon landed on his finger. // I WANNA PET IT

More ideas
A tiny magical dragon...oh I need one of my own. (look at his tiny dragon breath)

I wish, I wish with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a world apart~'lil baby dragon

Fairies, dragons and other mythological creatures community FB page

Anne Stokes Small Art Tile: "Water Dragon" Fairy Elf Girl with Baby Dragon


Friday Dopamine Dump (35 Photos)

If Daryl dies we riot.If anyone hurts Daryl we riot.If Beth does anything to Daryl we riot.If Daryl gets another arrow through the side we riot.If anything happens to Daryl we riot. Yeah im kinda obsessed with Daryl.

10 dragons of life and death

Edit: I kinda made up names for them. Forest dragon Fire dragon Dragon of death Sea dragon Air or earth dragon Dragon of war Dragon of chaos Dragon of the undead Normal dragon Ice dragon

Made from pld car parts!

Funny pictures about Metal Dragon Sculpture. Oh, and cool pics about Metal Dragon Sculpture. Also, Metal Dragon Sculpture photos.

Coool probably multiple places

"Dragon by ~Emberiza on deviantART" This dragon's just waht I'm looking for! Probably only one set of horns on the top though, and five toes total. (on my right side with claws digging into my ribs)

SOOOOO ME!! XD unless im waiting for the next season of TWD then im like "Uggh.. the walking dead isnt on til october :'(" #TWD4LIFE

Funny pictures about Sunday mornings. Oh, and cool pics about Sunday mornings. Also, Sunday mornings.

.•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ ✶*☁ ¸ .✫ ♥ . .••.ƸӜƷ ┊☀┊☀¨`*•.•☂┊☀┊´*.¸☀.•☁ ☂´☁ ♥ ┊ ┊☂┊ ┊☀┊ ┊ ┊┊ ☀ه ه┊ ☀ ┊☁ ☂☁ ┊ ི♥ྀ ☀ ┊┊ ☀ه ه☂┊ ༺✿* *✿༻ ༺✿* *☂✿༻༺✿* *✿༻✿༻ Fantasy Life

Fantasy Illustration: First Lesson - Fantasy Concept Art by Kerem Beyit, Turkey.

as the dragon flies…

Avani, the Earth Dragon Matriarch. (Dragon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)