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Gustav Klimt

I love that Gustavo Klimt started with the sketch of the figure, in detail, then went back and added the colored details of patterns.


i adore this tattoo- "still beautiful" Thik this would be nice near my stretch marks from pregnancy. They make me feel imperfect and I need to remeber that they are there because of a beautiful moment in my life

Gustav Klimt, Pregnant Woman and Man

Gustav Klimt, Pregnant Woman and Man An almost unknown sketch by this wonderful artist !

Japanese matchbox label

by Ellen Raskin 1963 Japanese matchbox label The Living Symbol cover by Paul Rand 1961 Vintage French educational book cover,

Danaid (1885) ~ Auguste Rodin

August Rodin, La Danaide - I love the way his sculptures rise out of the stone.

This shows a couple holding hands which is romantic and shows a level of maturity to hold hand in public. It seems like they are at a park in a public place under a tree talking and building their relationship


you don't get to choose, you just fall in love, and sometimes the reason it's so's because it's love, and if love didn't have challenge what would be the point?

japanese matchbox label

"Matchbox labels offered the perfect canvas for efficient, modern advertising."Jane McDevitt discovered the beauty of vintage matchboxes via.


omg this is NASTY! i would have a heart attack if someone's feet were on my face!

Raphael Soyer: “Consolation,” 1959.

This painting, "Consolation", was done in 1959 by Raphael Soyer who lived in New York. It looks like Amy and Rory Pond (or Williams, whichever you prefer) and they were around in