A Study in Scandal

Inspiration for A Study in Scandal (novella in the Scandalous series)
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White Muslin Gown with Green Silk Spenser

✍ Jane Austen ✍ Jane Austen fashion - MOL White Muslin Gown with Green Silk Spenser Front.

Somerset House, London  C412-21 London, Aldwych, WC2: Somerset House (Sir William Chambers, 1776-1801)

Can't wait to be near the amazing Somerset House for London Fashion Week! T-minus 4 days!

earthlynation:      British Red Fox by Chris Gilligan

I see something in this fox's eyes that makes me think he should be loved and respected, not hunted. So beautiful but his eyes look like he just witnessed his family being hinted down! Stop hunting foxes and any other endangered animals

Tom, Jerry & Logica at the White Horse Cellar, Piccadilly. http://janeaustensworld.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/white-horse-cellar-cruickshank.jpg

Before Greyhound buses and bus stations, people traveled in coaches like this one, shown stopping at an Inn for a change of horses and a bite to eat.

An art exhibit —notice how the pictures are crowded on the wall and go nearly to the ceiling.

An art exhibit —notice how the pictures are crowded on the wall and go nearly to the ceiling.

Exhibition room during the Royal Academy of Arts' Summer Exhibition

The Exhibition Room at Somerset House Thomas Rowlandson and Augustus Pugin 1800

Stormy Coast Scene after a Shipwreck by Horace Vernet

"Stormy Coast Scene after a Shipwreck:" This painting is an example of "deep space with atmospheric perspective." This painter shows the dark clouds and painted them to give the painting depth.

Somerset House courtyard, Great Britain, England

England image gallery - Blenheim Palace, one of Europe's largest palaces, was built by Sir John Vanbrugh and Nicholas Hawksmoor between 1704 and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage List site, Oxfordshire

The Royal George at Deptford, by John Cleverly the Elder

John Cleveley the Elder, HMS Royal George at Deptford Showing the Launch of HMS Cambridge