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Carolinn Sullivan-Devos
Carolinn Sullivan-Devos

Carolinn Sullivan-Devos

Married 17 years to my best friend, John, taught mostly high school choir and/or band for 18 years and now stay home and give private lessons while getting heal

Music has a special ability to pump us up or calm us down. Scientists are still trying to figure out whats going on in our brains when we listen to music and how it produces such potent effects on the psyche.

▶ Study Music for Concentration and Improving focus to help with Brain Power - YouTube

EXCELLENT article on memorizing techniques. I wish I knew this back in college.

6 Benefits Of Music Infographic

Makes sense why I study better with music...especially ones with a fast beat.

Taking music lessons as a child won't just give you a greater appreciation for music, or make you better at keeping a beat -- a small new study suggests it could even physically change parts of your brain for the better. Researchers from Beijing Normal University in China found that starting lessons before age 7 is associated with greater volume in brain regions link...

From the official Kindermusik blog, Minds on Music, here's a great read about music and the brain!

Experiences suggest that music training sharpens other qualities: Collaboration. The ability to listen. A way of thinking that weaves together ideas...

Scientific research confirms that music can heal and strengthen the brain. Try these 8 tried-and-true classical songs to help your child with ADHD focus, improve language acquisition, and even sleep.

A new study shows us how music helps those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more.

Wrestling with Shakespeare is good for the brain. Scientists have shown that reading the Bard and other classical writers has beneficial effects on the mind. This Email Could Be the Difference Between a Full Studio and Scrambling for Students

45 MINS - Music for Study: De-Stress, Focus, Relaxing Music, Concentration Music & Focus on Learning

Music Makes You Smarter Infographic; Some fun facts to put on a classroom bulletin board.

Music’s effect on learning: parts of the brain, how music works nad info on music to study to.

Science "FACT: One of the only activities that activates, stimulates & USES the ENTIRE brain is MUSIC." DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - LOGIC MATH MUSIC Board. Treble clef & music staff - One of my former bass students is a math professor who's been part of scientific research studies on brain's hippocampus - Medical imaging tests show literal brain growth when memorizing, playing music! #DdO:) Google phrase: England taxi drivers brain

What a cute idea for a Christmas present!!

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I love healthy salad options to take to work with me for lunch. This chicken and sweet potato salad with a pineapple salsa sounds awesome.

These wraps are a quick and easy lunch to pack for the work day. Just pack the olive oil and red wine vinegar together in a separate container and add to the wrap right before eating.

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