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Stars can't shine without darkness.

Stars can't shine without darkness. Around Alicia, it´s very dark, so she can shine realy bright!

Licht fällt in meine Hände und jetzt trage ich es bei mir, bis ich dir eines Tages begegne...

"I lifted my hands into the golden splay of light, and felt my fingers warm as the sun kissed them." <-- so pretty from previous pinner. The sunlight makes it look like his or her hands are on fire.

"The air leaves your lungs in a bubble, and your chest starts to burn in agony...and that's when you know that was your last breath." (B3: Break of the Storm) ~Wendy Hamlet

Bubble - Originally posted from Luca Pierro. This image flows with my AS project title, as we need oxygen to breath and water to hydrate to stay alive.

#TopToBottom #WearTeal #belabumbum

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Little hands love to feel rainbow colors, like the colors in the kitchen from a rainbow sundial on the window sill

This is what a rainbow sundial in the window can do! Whenever you get the chance, touch rainbow colors - it feels great!