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Mother Earth and all her grandeur. #motherearth #animals #nature #photographs
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two pictures of a white rabbit sitting in the middle of a field with purple flowers
White Rabbit In Flower Field Wallpaper for Android, iPhone and iPad
a sloth eating food from a yellow bowl
Daily Squee - page 2
can someone please bring me a baby sloth to play with?
a bird sitting on top of a bathtub next to a wooden fence and green plants
Creative Bird baths - DIY Garden Decor Projects
Makes you think of "Bird Bath" in a whole new way.
a polar bear floating on its back in the water
Relaxation by Jesper Nielsen, via 500px
a field full of sunflowers and lavender fields
Lavender and Sunflower Fields
Lavender and Sunflower Fields-Provence, France
multiple images of different colored lines in the same color as they appear to be moving
Веst of National Geographic 2011
a tiger is playing with a plastic ball
Rome zoo cools animals with iced food during heatwave
Staff at Rome's zoo took precautions to prevent the 1,200 animals living there from suffering heatstroke and dehydration. They prepared giant ice cubes containing raw meat for the big cats, which include tigers, lions and leopards. Veterinary staff prepared smaller portions than usual and froze the meat with water.
a hippopotamus standing in the grass next to a rock and stone wall
2012 Animal Kingdom
Hippo ~ Animal Kingdom
an elephant standing in front of some trees
2012 Animal Kingdom
2012 Vacation ~ Animal Kingdom #elephant #retouching
an image of a waterfall in the middle of green grass and rocks with text that reads, don't miss you
Vertical Panoramic Photography: 15 Breathtaking Examples
Bridal Veil Falls, Valdez, Alaska. mike jones photo