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We Have To Go Back


We Have To Go Back

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Bates Motel auditions were frighteningly bad (Nestor Carbonell as Sheriff Alex Romero)

Bates Motel auditions were frighteningly bad - L7 World

Sawyer and Kate

Joey Spiotto

Gallery Work - I am Joebot. I come in peace.

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LOST fan art

Jack,Christian,Kate,Sawyer,Sayid,Eko,Ana Lucia,Shannon,Boone,Locke,Claire,Aaron,Charlie,Hurley,Desmond,Juliet,Ben,Lapidus,Mr.Widmore,Jin,Sun,Michael,Walt,Vincent

Chip Zdarsky | LOST! I made this as a faaaancy graphic for the...

You found me…

The island, the light- LOST

Locke vs. Jacob, Live From The Cabin

The world is escapology -

Man of Science & Man of Faith

LOST Hurley and Dave


LOST - For the love of God, don't tell John what he can't do - lol

The End- LOST

Lost Rewatch: "Everybody Loves Hugo"

What They Died For- LOST


Michael Emerson aka Benjamin Linus

LOST Forever

Lost By The Numbers

James. Sawyer. Lafleur. I don't care what name he goes by ;)

Pilot vs The End