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Wearable tech

This board focuses mainly on self-tracking gadgets and sensors - especially those designed for health. While most are wearable, there are some that track from inside the body or that you put against your body. Some of these products are concepts or are not yet commercially available. Welcome to the world of 'Wear, Share, Compare' and Quantified Self.

Wearable tech

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Leonardo Da Vinci Meets Wearable Tech - A Refrigerator Magnet Set

Leonardo Da Vinci Meets Wearable Tech: A Refrigerator Magnet Set - Kinetics

Synertial - Suits and gloves with multiple sensors, each with 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) for body segments (3 accelerometer, 3 gyrometer) for motion capture. {Great videos}


VERT. Worn near waist (by clip or waistband). Tracks vertical jump count, height, average vertical.

Quell, from NeuroMetrix. Wearable pain relief. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator device fits in band worn around upper calf. "Stimulates sensory nerves, which leads to the release of endogenous opioids that act primarily through the delta opioid receptor to reduce pain signal transmission through the CNS." For chronic pain associated with diabetes, fibromyalgia, sciatica, post herpatic neuralgia, chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, and other neuropathies. "FDA cleared prescription strength neurotechnology"

Wearable pain relief designed to live with from Quell

miCoach smart run watch from Adidas. Strapless continuous heart rate, GPS (GPS-based speed, distance, stride rate and route), Bluetooth, wireless music player.

adidas Micoach SMART RUN Watch | adidas US

Disney Parks MagicBand. Allows visitors to unlock doors, check in at locations, charge purchases, and just generally have a seamless experience while visiting a theme park. Radio Frequency (RF) tech

TempTraq. Wireless temperature monitor (patch). "Continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to your mobile device." As of March 2015 "currently FDA premarket review pending and not available for sale."

The only wearable, wireless, continuously monitoring intelligent thermometer.

Curie, from Intel. System-on-chip (SoC) for "wearable technology solutions." Module includes 6-axis sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope), Bluetooth, coin-size battery and battery charging circuitry, "integrated DSP sensor hub with a proprietary pattern matching accelerator." List of partners for products at

Intel® Curie™ Module: Unleashing Wearable Device Innovation

Being. Tracks mood, heart rate, activity (steps, distance, speed), calories, sleep. "Maps your mood." 3-D accelerometer, optical sensor, Bluetooth, water resistant. From Zensorium

iSwimband. Wearable sensor for drowning detection. Sends alert to iOS device if swimmer remains submerged beyond preset limits or if non-swimmer enters water (pool, lake, river, beach, spa, bathtub). Headband or wristband. From Aquatic Safety Concepts LLC.

Press Kit

TZOA. Enviro-tracker measures air pollution (particulate matter - PM), UV, temp, humidity, ambient light. "By using TZOA you will be helping to create a crowdsourced map of environmental data in real-time." Clip, uses GPS in smartphone.

TZOA wearable enviro-tracker

Melomind. Worn on head, measures brainwaves (#EEG), plays music, via smartphone app, for relaxation. From myBrain Tech, France

Mio FUSE. Wristband tracks steps, pace, distance, calories, heart rate. 3-axis accelerometer, optical HR, Bluetooth, LED, watch function.

Mio FUSE Heart Rate + Activity Tracker | Mio Heart Rate Bands

Spire. Can be clipped to belt or bra strap. "Tracks your breathing patterns and activity for real time insights into your state of mind ... Patent-pending sensor, 7-axes of streaming data, wireless charging."

Spire is the first wearable to track body, breath, and state of mind.

Khushi Baby. Inexpensive digital necklace plus mobile app. NGOs in the developing world are given mobile phones with the app, which they can use to scan the necklace worn by babies to track the #vaccines they've had so they know what they need.

Pivotal Tracker 1. Measures steps, distance traveled, calories burned, quality and duration of sleep. Silent alarm.

Pivotal Living

Belty. Belt with built in pedometer, inactivity monitoring, "waistline trend analysis", and more. "Belty also features an actuator that ensures your preferred level of comfort throughout the day by automatically loosening the belt as you sit or tightening the belt as you stand." By emiota (France)

Belty by emiota

Sweatronics - #sweat sensor. Patch features sweat-porous adhesive, flexible circuitry and sensors, breathable top protective layer. From Eccrine Systems, Inc.

Sweatronics™ Platform

Wearable Banana, by, um, Dole.

Dole creates amazing new wearable banana

Jacket Antics - "two garments that have unique texts and designs scrolling through the LED array on each of the backs. If the wearers hold hands, the LED arrays presents a third, synchronous message that scrolls from one to the other." By Barbara Layne, Studio subTela, Hexagram Institute

Images Jacket Antics

PEAR mobile training system. App, stride earphones, #HR monitor (chest strap). "PEAR will learn your fitness level and create custom heart rate zones that ensure you do every subsequent workout at the right intensity." Interprets your biometrics, coaches you (earphones) , gives real time stats (time, distance, HR, pace, calories burned). GPS from phone.

PEAR Sports - Fitness Training App for iPhone and Android

RINGLY. Connects to smart phone, sends customized notifications via light (5 colors) and vibrations (4 patterns). 18K matte gold and precious or semi-precious stones. Not health related (yet). Important because it's jewelry as well as tech.

RINGLY | Smart Jewelry and Accessories

Nevo. Minimalist smart watch. Activity tracking, call and text alerts, vibrating alarm, analog time, solar charging. LED indicators to track progress. 3-d accelerometer. On Indiegogo:

névo watch - the world's first modern minimalist smartwatch

Swarovski Shine Activity Tracking Crystal. "Move more. Sleep better. Look great." Steps, calories, distance, sleep. Waterproof, food logging, magic sync. Pendant and wristband mounts sold separately.

Smart Jewelry - Swarovski Online Shop

AmpStrip. Sensor-filled adhesive strip to continuously wear on torso. Monitors heart rate, exercise load, resting heart rate, recovery heart rate, skin temperature, posture. Waterproof, ECG sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, proprietary algorithms, Bluetooth, rechargeable battery. From FitLinxx. On Indiegogo:

| AmpStrip™ | Train to the Edge™