you are my bucket list

think would be a perfect addition to photos in my gallery wall! I could attempt watercolor, right?

When someone wishes you dead or claims your dead to them it's not your duty to call its theirs.

no one warns little girls how boys with such pretty eyes who smell like smoke, who tastes like rain, who talk like silver, are reasons behind tear soaked pillows, half finished poems and so many sad dreams - nikita gill

¿ Te quieres enamorar de mí? Debes saber esto: Te estás enamorando de mi inteligencia, de mis ideas, de mis pensamientos y propósitos, de mi constante necesidad de conocimiento, de una persona que necesita que siempre le hagan sentir confianza, que le apasionan los poemas y canciones, los libros y el buen cine. Te estás enamorando de mi esencia y mi sustancia, de mis cartas, versos y palabras que te regalaré día a día, noche a noche... -Jorge López

Will you love me? Know this: you're falling for my intelligence, my ideas, my thoughts and purposes, my constant need .

Time has passed for you and I. Beautiful.

Just because I've decided not to think of you anymore, it doesn't mean you won't pop into my mind once in a while. You may be gone and out of my life now, but I'll never stop loving you. Wishing Stars by Lang Leav

Tu eres mi vicio

Eres de esos vicios que da gusto tener, que te dañan el corazón, que no te dejan dormir y que te enloquecen la razón

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I need to blow this up and hang it in my girls' room, so they can see it every day. "My darling, you can't see it, can you? How like the moon you are . You are beautiful" -Alexandria Drzewiecki

Truth is anyone can have a bf or gf but waiting on the one that God has for you will pay off in the end