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No way out by Marc Apers / 500px

Poverty in America

PBS NewsHour

Why you should care about other people's kids

A four-year-old child helping her family pick up potatoes, 1931.

Smoothing Away Those Ripples To Supple Skin

Kentucky, 1964 William Gedney Such a gentle & honest picture. Serenity

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William Gedney, Kentucky 1964

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Kampala, Uganda

Market Woman by Lindsay Genry / 500px


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Teresa Carpenter

Face of Poverty


my best friend


Afghanistan/ Photography by Steve McCurry / Here you can download Steve's FREE PDF Catalog and order PRINTS /

Afghanistan: A Look Back | Steve McCurry

Stunning Portrait Photography by Tom Hoops

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feeling in parts by BIOCITY2

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fun times..

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For the homes that longer have a tub #kids #toddler #baby #bath

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What grandmas looked like when I was a kid.

Coastal Cottage

:::::::::: Vintage Photograph :::::::::::::

Ansichtskarte / Postkarte Puppenmütterchens Abfahrt,Mädchen,Puppen,Kinderwagen

Brotherly love

Love as Brothers

by Sten Didrik Bellander

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Girls eat swirls of cotton candy in Copenhagen, Denmark, January 1963.

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Swinging on the playground across the street from St. Michael's and swinging as high I we could then jumping off on the highest point to run back to class... oh the memories!

Blue Skies, Dark Clouds: Swing, Little Girl, Swing