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Artist Pol Ledent painting, "wilflowers" from Orna Ross. (Is this supposed to be "wildflowers," maybe?

Art is my hobby! It's too hard for me to drawing a 3D on papers.. Just Improving.

My 3d Drawings

Gravedad, Lorenzo Quinn, bronce, 67 cm, deze is me al zolang bij gebleven…

mural costado

¿Hace cuánto que no cambias el cabecero de tu cama? Después de ver esto, seguro que lo haces pronto

Pintura con acuarela, sal y cola 2                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Pinta con acuarelas, cola y sal

Acrylmalerei 1 Abstract acrylic Painting 1 Spachtelmasse Modelling paste

Artist Sabine Belz: Abstract Acrylic with modeling paste Part 1 of The actual tutorial (not of the "flower" picture) begins at Sabine speaks German, but the tutorial is all visual and very easy to understand.