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Lose 5lbs. Get 60oz of pure water, add tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice, add 1 dandelion root tea bag, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Drink 60oz everyday for 7 days.

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Just keeping some of these tips in mind and following them throughout the day has helped me lose at least 15 pounds over the last 4 months.

pin 1 Okay so I looked at it and was like looks like the same old reason I don't diet. Why is that? Because I don't want to buy crap. I want easy, cheap and fast. So upon further inspection On the Go totally works for me. Please follow us to get more like this. We always love your #diet

I am down 22 pounds in a month and I have made this shake everyday for breakfast!! Best Weight loss Smoothie and a must try.. Everyone has mentioned they are losing weight using this daily. The lady who created it was on the Dr OZ show where this smoothie was featured. She lost 100 pounds. Her site is inspiring. Pass it on!

Fruit Infused Drinks for weight loss, LOSE 50 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS with this DELICIOUS Tropical Pineapple and Orange Infused Water!