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an abstract painting with pink, red and brown shapes hanging from the ceiling next to a white wall
Week of February 12, 2018 - Sight Unseen
Jenni Ropen mobile, UPEA! Tämän voisi toteuttaa vaikka maalaamalla erimuotoisia puun paloja ja ripustamalla ne tilaan siimalla? Inspiraatiota voisi hakea väriopista tai printtikuvioista?
a group of metal sculptures sitting on top of a wooden block
Créations sensibles - MilK Decoration
Créations sensibles | MilK decoration
a mobile with various objects hanging from it
DIY Deco idées maison - Blog Deco - Clem Around The Corner
DIY Mobile suspension colorée en bois bleu deco chambre d'enfant de bebe do it yourself par le blog deco clem around the corner #mobile #suspension #colorée #bois #Bleu #blue #deco #chambre #bedroom #enfant #kids #kidsroom #Diy #doityourself #deco #decoration #homedesign #homedecor #Homesweethome
the letter a is made up of multicolored paper and placed on top of each other
Owen Gildersleeve - Music
Owen Gildersleeve is a set designer and illustrator living in London. His work explores a range of handcrafted techniques and applications and he enjoys collaborating with photographers, animators, and stylists to help bring his ideas to life. Owen's playful, handcrafted creations have won him numerous awards including an ADC Young Guns 9 award in 2011, and a YCN Professional Award in 2014. His work has also been exhibited across the world including London, New York, Tokyo and Bangkok. ...
a glass block with neon lights on it
In Transit: NYC
In Transit: NYC is the first in a series of laser-cut, edge-lit abstractions of iconic subway maps.
a hand is holding a mobile with circles and lines hanging from the strings that are connected to each other
LMC Mobile from Jordi Canudas Studio
the wall is covered in many different colored letters
Les Diplômés : Pierre Brault, de Courrèges à Canal+ - étapes:
Les Diplômés : Pierre Brault, de Courrèges à Canal+
many different colored objects are arranged on a pegboard with holes in the middle to make them look like they have been made out of paper
45° : une typo qui se révèle à la lumière ! - Graphisme et interactivité
Pierre Brault est un jeune et talentueux lecteur de qui vient tout juste d’être diplômé de l’ESAG Penninghen dans la filière Direction Artistique. Pour cela, on peut déjà le féliciter !…