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the alphabet color combination is shown with different colors and font styles, including letters that appear to be made out of cubes
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Creating a branding system is always a intricate process, it requires a lot of thinking especially on how to make things look as they are part of a family, sometimes some varitions look better than the other but the overall look and fee
an image of a computer screen with different colors on it and text below the screens
the electric company logo is shown in black and white, with other electrical symbols around it
Electrik Co. Brand Buildout
Electrik Co. Brand Buildout by Brendan Pittman
an image of a computer screen with words and numbers on it, including the german flag
Modern Practice – Dynamic identity for Escuyer
an image of different types of symbols in white ink on black paper, with the words ambiecia written below it
Soulcraft – Dynamic identity for Ambiência, audiovisual production company
the logos for quad are designed in red and black, with an origami style
Exp002 by Tngabor on DeviantArt
An experiment with processing ( processing.org/ ) and using it as the only software in the logo (dynamic identity) creation process. Still not sure how to exports vector files from processing ...
several different colored papers with dots and lines on the top one is white, the other has
Nataly's Design
Mohawk design, I love these colours
the back and side of a poster with an image of various circular designs on it
... - a grouped images picture
New Prevention Technologies (NPT) _ Cooee
a bunch of papers that are sitting on top of a wooden table and some type of paper
Bcreative - Personal Branding
Bcreative - Personal Branding by Bjarke Nøhr Kristensen
six different logos with the words, cities and their names in each one's letters
ViverCidade / Living Cities by Fabio Issao
the letters are black and white, with small dots in them on a white background
Momentum - Dynamic logo
A dynamic logo animation for an international modern dance dance festival. A school assignment.
an array of different lines and shapes in various colors, sizes, and font styles
Simple but clever so never a dull moment at every turn. Everything works very well together in this brand identity system.
a bunch of red and white lines that are on top of each other in different directions
Logo & style for Academy of Art University San Francisco