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two pictures of a woman with her hands on her face
Michal Pudelka
Inspiration, Ideas, Pastel, Pink, Pretty, Aesthetic, Grunge Aesthetic, Mood, Pastel Aesthetic
Fashion, wallpapers, quotes, celebrities and so much more
an abstract photograph of a black background with lines and shapes
Pierre Soemone
LOVE - Soemone Digital Showcase
an abstract image of the surface of water
Atrocity Exhibition
a young child holding a lit candle in front of a tv set and an old television
an abstract photo with multicolored lines in the background
Distortion — Yoshi Sodeoka
Distortion - Yoshi Sodeoka
an abstract image of pink and blue waves
an abstract image of the ocean with waves and lines on it's surface, as seen from above
//////////////(^^^^^^^)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\, via Flickr.
the reflection of a building in water is very colorful and artisticly distorted to look like it's made out of glass
Customized ▲ ✕ Daniel
the letter a is lit up in the dark
vhs glitch video tv a
a woman with long hair is standing in front of a pink and black background
The Processing + The Glitch + The Lighting | SSENSE | #Layout
a woman's face with multicolored lines on her forehead and eyes, in front of a white background
an aerial view of the ocean from above