Dans la tête des femmes !!!

Not sure if this should go into "quotes' or "art". Love the illustration and the idea. change your thought and your life change with you

"This poster by Pei-Ling Ou says a lot in a small yellow and black illustration. Freedom of speech is an essential human right, and yet so many people are stripped of it. It’s time for us to stand up and defend our right."

50 Outstanding Posters to Inspire Your Next Design

Massacred in the Name of Greed by Blair Davidson, via Behance

massacred in the name of greed - the elephant in the room - please stop financing animal cruelty

48 nations will face water stress or scarcity by 2025.

Nice 48 nations will face water stress or scarcity by that isnt that far away guys.

Depleted fisheries

Can't believe it's of the worlds major fisheries are depleted! Must stop eating fish fingers.

Climate change, 2012, viewed 20 October 2014, <http://missever.com/archives/22088.html> This poster is presenting the damage of industrial pollution that the smoke spread out from the chimney is created by lots of various animals, and the eyes and emotion of these animals is in a sick or die way. And some even want to get away from the smoke. The white smoke make these animals lose their original colours can be a symbol of death.

Extinction, by Natalia Delgado, Mexico - poster & or T-shirt focused on the threat of of animals at risk because of emissions

thought provoking poster Disposal

Thought-Provoking Conceptual Illustrations from Davide Bonazzi

Davide Bonazzi is an illustrator from Bologna Italy. He mixes digital techniques with textures of scanned found objects, in order to give his bold conceptual illustrations a warm and evocative atmosphere.