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many different types of letters and numbers are arranged together
Bold Type par étapes: et Kickstarter : les projets de typographie présentés - étapes:
an abstract painting hanging on the wall next to a white wall with blue and orange shapes
Everywhere & Anywhere
Everywhere & Anywhere on Behance Marta Veludo.
an abstract painting on display in a white room
sasakishun / graphic
many different types of letters and numbers are grouped together
36 days of type
This is my contribution to 36 Days of Type, a project by Rafa Goicoechea and Nina Sans.I took the chance to experiment with different styles and colors, and i really had a blast doing it.
the words are made up of different colored shapes and letters that appear to be multicolored
Intergalactic Planetary
Intergalactic Planetary by Skinny Ships, via Flickr
two rolls of toilet paper are hanging on the wall
Dark Side of Typography
Dark side of typography
a poster with numbers and symbols on it
Numbers Poster
Number Specimen Variety {digits 0-9} // Numbers 1 Poster by 55 Hi's
the letters are made up of black and yellow circles with dots on them, as well as
Posters, Print Design, Typography, Typo posters, and Poster Typography image inspiration on Designspiration
the poster for sonja savvy's concert, featuring an image of colorful letters
#design #type #typography
an instagram page with the word art studio on it and some type of typogramic posters
Pogo - typo/graphic posters
myartisticslideshow poster by staynice