Carrie Humphrey
Carrie Humphrey
Carrie Humphrey

Carrie Humphrey

newspaper decoupage bottles

Altered and soldered bottles

DIY shell bottles. loves. could use anything, not just shells.

Amazingly beautiful and you could do it to about any jar that didn't have printing molded in. Im going to round up bottles now!

Turn an old wine bottle into a beautiful piece to place in your home!


Eyes: the windows to life, some are wise to have blinds.

A winter spin on a classic glitter candle to gift to teachers or neighbors. Tag with "Being in your class is 'snow' much fun!"

Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence. After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

Love the feathery texture of her hair.

Image detail for -Black Horse by ~LesIdeesNaufragees on deviantART Freddy the emo horse.

Image detail for -Black Horse by ~LesIdeesNaufragees on deviantART Freddy the emo horse.

Drawing Lessons: Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorials Teach You How to Make Your Own Cool Drawings

Draw the eyes almond-shaped, and made of several sections. Eyes are recessed into the head and have eyelids, eyelashes, the black pupil and the colored iris. Practice drawing the eye and each part of it. Read more:

Drawing lesson for Beginner artists: Proportions of the face, front view - Step 3 : Guidelines

Wow! I just love the light set up created in this artwork! OBIOUSLY I WOULD DO THIS WOTH A SHIRT BUT YAH....~Caption by Sophie

93 Depression Quotes (with Images) - Quotes about Depression |

Chris Herrera - I think eye drawings are a little cliché, but doesn't change the fact that they can be damn awesome

Nice pencil work - well placed scratchwork lends a lot. In my airbrush work I do a lot of scratching to bring both transparency and highlights into the piece for realism