hahaha XP

When someone falls…

When someone falls… Gravity thou art a heartless bitch Lol too funny sheldon (Big bang Theory)


Smile, Sheldon!

I love Sheldon Cooper. lol This is one of my favorite episodes, just for the look on Sheldon's face?

Oh Sheldon

he-is-so-zazzy-funny-quotes-from-the-big-bang-theory-by-sheldon-this-little-guy-is-zazzles-i-was-going-to-name-him-herman-von-helholms- I love this

I love Sheldon and Leonard!

funny big bang theory screen cap sheldon die accident leonard that's how i'm going to make it look

haha :P

Funny pictures about Wi-Fi password. Oh, and cool pics about Wi-Fi password. Also, Wi-Fi password photos.

Full Video!  The cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' surprised the audience with a flash mob! Bazinga! OMG i died. Sheldon for the win as always

Watch the cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' surprise the audience with a flash mob to 'Call Me Maybe'! This is hilarious! And more reason to love Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory. Right as I saw "The Big Bang Theory" I started to sing it in my head.

The Big Bang Theory <3

Oh, Sheldon…

Penny: "Hey Sheldon" Sheldon: "What can I do for you ladies?" Penny: "You have something we want" Sheldon: "Oh dear. My mother warned me this is what happened to pretty boys in the big city." - The Big Bang Theory


This is me XD, my mom and dad call it a cartoon so i say "No its Anime!

If only that were true.

Roommates agree that Friday nights shall be reserved for watching Joss Whedon's brilliant new series Firefly. (The Big Bang Theory)

Ha ha

Sheldon- the smart one; Howard- the funny one; Raj- the lovable foreigner who struggles to understand our ways and fails; and by default, Leonard- the muscle.