produce bags from old t shirts! Crafty and so very earth conscious! tutorial included! I'm all over this one.. I have more t shirts than I could ever wear in two life times! I can't take a vacation anywhere without coming back with 3 or 4 more t shirts! been there done that got the t shirt mentality! Now I have a use for them!

Brenda Writes A Blog: Produce Bag From Old T-Shirt

super girl T-Shirt with cleavage cut in the S logo. Only looks good on heavy chested chicks!

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I am instilling in you a desire to go thrifting

DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug

DIY Old T-shirt Crochet Rug DIY Projects |

Made of old t-shirts

Chez Kevito: Cultivated Beauty

Men's 3x L T Shirt Into A Cute Backless Dress ∙ How To by Kiana Jenae on Cut Out + Keep

Men's 3x L T Shirt Into A Cute Backless Dress

bleach pen

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best DIY cutout (that's not skeleton-related) ever!

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DIY T-shirt designs using bleach.

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Stormtrooper Cut Out Shirt

T-shirt Brine, this version is supposed to work better

The Ultimate T-Shirt Softening Brine

DIY Cut Out Top From Tank #DIY #Clothes #Sewing #Sew #Tops #CutOuts

Trash To Couture: DIY cutout top from tank

DIY concert tank top. I think it was a men's shirt, because it fit weird, so I shredded it. Not bad for a first shot at shredding/weaving a shirt.

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Carrie Hanzek


DIY Shirt Cutting DIY Projects |

DIY shirt cutting. No instructions in link.

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DIY braided t-shirt

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Make your own shirt: first draw something with white chalk, after that draw with bleach.

DIY: je eigen design op een top - Girlscene

shirt... I wouldn't make it this scandelous :O

dirty laundry | Page 13

FLOWER of LIFE T SHIRT (diy inspiration) These shirts are awesome! they are hand painted so cool!

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Cute with different color shirt sewn behind (1 layer)

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Adam Saaks cut up t shirt diy

Posts about t shirt cutting on HJ [cut]oure

t shirt diy - does not link to instructions

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DIY T-SHIRT NECKLACE : Earn DIY points by sporting previous festival tees around your neck.

DIY Festival Survival Kit

DIY Festival Shirt

DIY Festival Shirt -

DIY - Use a pencil to trace a large circle on the inside of an old t-shirt. Draw a tree with branches, but be careful that the areas are not too thin. Cut out the spaces.

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