This captures the horrors of WWI perfectly. As we approach the hundredth anniversary we would do well to remember.

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Elizabeth Van Lew was a Union spy during the American Civil War. She was an antislavery Virginia woman who not only freed her slaves, but bought and freed their families. Using her household staff as couriers, she sent messages to the Union in hollowed-out shoes and eggs and later, books and a personally designed cipher. She faked a mental disorder to throw off suspicion and was called “Crazy Bet” by her neighbors. Her network resulted in some of the best Union information gathered anywhere.

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This baby girl, Zintkala Nuni (Little Lost Bird), was found on the battlefield after the massacre of Wounded Knee; she is being held by General L. W. Colby of the Nebraska State Troops, 1890.

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Total steam punk. A March, 1863 photo of the USS Essex. The 1000-ton ironclad river gunboat, originally a steam-powered ferry, was acquired during the American Civil War by the US Army in 1861 for the Western Gunboat Flotilla. She was transferred to the US Navy in 1862 and participated in several operations on the Mississippi River, including the capture of Baton Rouge and Port Hudson in 1863.

John Burns. Veteran of the War of 1812. On July 1, 1863 a Civil War battle - Gettysburg - started in his back yard. Grabbed his musket and joined the Union Army in the fight. Wounded three times but survived. Passed away at the age of 79.

The Real Django: This is the actual man on which the movie D’Jango is loosely based. His name is Dangerfield Newby, and he was a member of the John Brown party . He joined to save his wife and children, Harriet. Their love story was real, and you all should check out their narrative and love letters.

1856 72nd Highlanders Seaforth Drummer Crimean War Hero Crimean Heroes Series 1856 72nd Highlanders (Seaforth) Drummer John Rennie

On April 18, 1906 at approximately 5:12 am, an earthquake strikes San Francisco. The earthquake is felt from southern Oregon to south of Los Angeles. Baker and Hamilton Building, 1906. Photo by August Blumberg

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