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I put this in funnies, because it's funny to think that I would be able to accomplish these things with Annika yelling at me in the background..... ;)


One of the best ways to dip your toes in the waters of a minimalist lifestyle is to first purge the obvious excess. Here's a cheat sheet to get you started: 20+ Thins You Can Get Rid of Without Even Missing - Common Duplicates from Your Home | 31 Days Exploring Minimalism | simple living, declutter, unclutter, get rid of clutter

20+ Things You Can Get Rid of Without Even Missing - Tico ♥ Tina

15 toy organizing hacks for the kids room

15 clever ways to organize toys - The Realistic Mama

This simple mistake is hurting you decluttering efforts! Stop doing this and start making progress to a clutter-free life!

The Biggest Decluttering mistake you're making

I can do all of these in a hour or two. Five simple tasks you do every month to stretch your time and money in a new month!

5 Things You Should Do at the Beginning of Every Month

Great idea to do to plastic doors, after painting inside with acrylic paint use cute stickers to label . Trofast storage system from Ikea.

The (Re-)Organized Pantry - Dogs Don't Eat Pizza

50 Brilliant Storage Ideas

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Married life now use WAY later in life

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I really like this idea for the girls, but probably will have to wait for the youngest to hit the big K. It would certainly help with the morning rush...

Mom Mart: DIY Mud Room Organization Project

Have a mess under the bathroom sink? Get it organized with these quick tips.

Bathroom Organization {Under the Sink Tips} - A Prudent Life

Compact, durable, and expandable, the KeySmart is a Swiss Army style key holder that eliminates the bulk in your pocket and the sound of noisy keys.

Compact Key Holder by KeySmart

Get Organized: Kid’s Art Supplies - This is a very creative idea to organize supplies

Get Organized: Kid’s Art Supplies - Dirt and Boogers

Bathroom Organization Tips - The Idea Room

Bathroom Organization Tips - The Idea Room

12 Money-Saving Hacks That Will Give You Money To Spend

30 day spring cleaning challenge. I wonder if this would work the month before we move... And then just speed clean week of.

Pictogram Wood Wall Art by Shutterfly | Shutterfly

How Often You Should Clean Everything | Mobile

How Often You Should Clean Everything

Little Emergency Kit (great idea - not just for the car - but for college dorm room)

Mom's Little Emergency Kit

Updated Family Binder Printables- more than 8 amazing printables to help you create a binder for all of your most important information! All the hard work is already done for you- just print and compile.

Printable Updated Family Binder

View All Photos | 25 Ways to Organize Your Entire Home, in Less Than a Month! |

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Adding sage to your campfire or fire pit keeps mosquitoes and bugs away. Good to know for an outdoor fire pit!

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Cleaning Calendar.

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End of a cupboard cabinet- great idea! Love this!!!

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Drop zone when you don't have space for a mud room.

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