Great example of couple picking outfits based on the location of their shoot and adding a pop of color to coordinate with the neutral colors they already have going on.

I love this more realistic trend for wedding/couples photoshoots. Standing on an isolated beach in expensive rented clothing isn't realistic and just looks so damn generic. That second shot in the kitchen is more genuine because it's so realistic!


There is something about you whole. It’s something about you vivid. Something about you, ‘bout you, lives. It’s alive. To know somebody like you exists makes it all right to forget what I left behind... ~A Fine Frenzy, "It's Alive"


Enjoying my philosophy class right now. Love wrapping my mind around unsolvable questions, to stretch my mind to think beyond its limits. But more importantly it is getting me to think more about the...


Casual thing, might be the best thing that suit with your characteristics with projects, dreams, and goals. You might meet me. And you might not. But stay in casual. And let the destiny meet you by chances


Jakeh & Leah - High School Sweethearts

Helloooooooooo everybody! I am a music student from BC Canada and I adore creative stuff... but I also love funny stuff... so creative + funny = win. That is all.


BEHIND HUGS!!!!! Especially if he suddenly starts chasing me and I squeal and try to run away. /Try/. I can't run lol, but he catches me and hugs me from behind and nuzzles his face in my shoulder. Nuzzle my sensitive neck and I'll break yours.

I'm glad you're home, and dancing in my kitchen. Won't you miss me at work? I miss seeing you, and checking on you. Knowing your safe. But I don't miss worrying that your going to die. Well I miss watching you work. Don't go get sick. Don't worry.