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    World's Greatest (and most famous) Teachers

    Being a great teacher requires inspiration! We're all about celebrating great teachers! Tell us who you would like us to add to this board at or at
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    Great Teachers: No one can deny it....teachers who battle the forces of evil to protect education and their students...Harry Potter has some pretty amazing teachers!

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    Great Teachers: Richard Dreyfuss stars in Mr. Holland's Opus--an amazing film that shows the lifelong dedication teachers have to their matter how difficult life becomes along the way.

    Mr. Holland's Opus (1995)

    Great Teachers: John Keating (played by Robin Williams) really demonstrates how infectious a true love of learning can be for students!

    Dead Poets Society (1989)

    Great Teachers: Though fictional, Meryl Streep's character in the great film Music of the Heart is a dedicated, passionate teacher who brings her love of music to everyone around her!

    Music of the Heart (1999)

    Great Teachers: Famous sheriff and detective Andy Griffith started out teaching high school English in North Carolina!


    Great Teachers: Can you imagine having Billy Crystal as your substitute teacher? Before becoming a comedy star, he was a teacher for a number of different classes...even girls' gym!

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    Great Teachers: Few know that J.K. Rowling taught English in Portugal while developing her world-renowned Harry Potter series!

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    Great Teachers: Lyndon B. teacher turned President of the United States. Need we say more?

    Lyndon B. Johnson

    Great Teachers: Author of "The Last Lecture," Randy Pausch was an inspring educator who fought to teach others the value of living.

    Randy Pausch

    Great Teachers: Founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton spent her life serving her students and her patients. A dedicated teacher if ever there was one!

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    Great Teachers: Booker T. Washington spoke out for truth and justice, educating many on the value of each and every person.

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    Great Teachers: What list of amazing teachers would be complete without Albert Einstein? A devoted thinker and passionate learner, he is a great example of the power of using our minds!

    Science Stuff: Quotes from Albert Einstein

    Great Teachers: Maya Angelou's lifetime effort of educating and inspiring others has certainly had a significant impact. Overcoming great personal obstacles, she remains one of our country's greatest teachers.

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    Great Teachers: Though he didn't serve in a classroom, Martin Luther King, Jr. taught the nation some of the most valuable lessons of his time. An inspiration for many who seek to make the world better through educating others.

    Gretchie Love: August 2011

    Great Teachers: Jaime Escalante spent 15 years teaching algebra and calculus at Garfield High School in East Los Angeles. His efforts were later made in to the inspiring film "Stand and Deliver."

    Jaime Escalante - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Great Teachers: Laura Ingalls Wilder is renowned as a literal and figurative pioneer whose fiction has inspired generations of students!

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    Great Teachers: Annie Sullivan was the first teacher to successfully educate a deaf and mute child...Helen Keller!

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    Great Teachers: Socrates is considered one of Western Civilization's most significant teachers and philosophers. Do you ever use the Socratic method in your classroom?

    Socrates - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia