Loki: tom hiddleston ❤️

I love how he is referring to them as Tony and Thor <--- and I love that he took Tony's drink LOL Tony got LOKI'D

Tom Hiddleston Being Cute

"Loki by Loki" by Tom Hiddleston :D . If Happy Hiddles doesn't make you happy, then you are beyond the help of mortal men >>> I just want to protect this man and huggle him and keep him safe from corruption. In the least creepy way, of course.


THIS sums up a lot of the interactions between Thor and Loki in the movie Thor: The Dark World.


I want one where it deals with the fact that HE'S THE KING OF ASGARD NOW. Maybe, before that last throne scene with Thor, Loki-Odin shows Thor that he went back to Svartalfheim to get Loki's body. However, the body he showed to Thor was actually Odin pu

Tom Hiddleston as Loki. I like it that the guy yelling, made Tom break character. His smile.so cute.

Loki Laufeyson: Purveyor of Magical Mischief

Christine Brown heh heh heh Loki, The God Of Mischief. I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good! YES

Thor or Loki #funny #thor #loki #humor #comedy #lol

Loki is awfully hilarious. Who needs a hammer I can do it with my bare hands?

Haha cute loki

Haha cute loki

This is very true >>>> "I find it ironic that crazy Loki fangirls think all he needs is a hug, when in the Avengers movie he scoffs at sentiment.yet, I continue to be a crazy Loki fangirl who would gladly give him a hug:) "

Now you see me...

Behind the mischievous, vicious, treacherous mask there's only a vulnerable, tortured, broken soul.

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