baby essentials - 2014

little hands, little feet, little grins that are oh so sweet. nothing matches the pure joy of a new baby. shop for baby in the Carter's little layette shop:

baby essentials - 2014

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Perfect for playtime and soft enough for nap time, this 3-piece set is essential for every baby boy.

3-Piece Bodysuit & Pant Set

Our 5-pack baby girl's bodysuits, in the sweetest pastel colors, are a must-have for the cutest (and messiest!) babies. Count on 100% breathable cotton and expandable shoulders for easy changes.

5-Pack Short-Sleeve Bodysuits

Our versatile 4-pack bodysuits are a must-have for the cutest (and messiest!) babies. Count on 100% breathable cotton and expandable shoulders for easy changes. We love these animal prints for baby boy or baby girl!

4-Pack Long-Sleeve Bodysuits

A baby essential, this terry cardigan set has everything your infant needs for their first outfit. Plush terry cardigan and pants pair with our essential bodysuit for and easy outfit that just right for taking baby home or a first extended family visit.

3-Piece Cardigan Set
  • Bethany Vestal
    Bethany Vestal

    Do people actually dress their babies in white??

Made to match with the Classic Baby little layette collection, these silky soft hats will be the tops for your newborn girl or boy! They are an essential for any new baby.

3-Pack Beanies | Carter's

Year round dressing for your newborn boy or girl is easy with this versatile set. Super soft cotton long and short-sleeve bodysuits pair perfectly with our essential pants. Cute duckie appliqué will keep up with any busy baby-- especially crawlers!

3-Piece Bodysuit & Pant Set

Blankets and stuffed animals from Carter's are perfect gifts for new babies!

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Baby essentials and simple outfitting from Carter's.

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Baby essentials for baby girl from Carter's.

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Baby essentials and simple outfitting from Carter's.

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Baby essentials and simple outfitting from Carter's.

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Find the perfect patriotic outfit for your little sparklers from Carter's.

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Ohhhh baby baby...

Carter’s little layette® provides all the must-haves for your new arrival with a complete assortment of bodysuits, knit pants, easy outfit sets and everything in between. Count on Carter’s to make getting dressed easier for moms and more comfortable for kids.

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4-Piece Take-Me-Home Set from Carter's. Everything you need for your infant boy's first take me home outfit is conveniently bundled in this simple set. Sleep & Play with matching bib, footed pants and essential bodysuit will dress your newborn baby to meet the world. What a great gift for any new baby boy!

4-Piece Take-Me-Home Set
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    Haha what do foxs say off youtube

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    Elizabeth Loe

    😍😍😍 Stephanie Crossen

#MomTip: Use storage bins under the crib.

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    Erica Allen

First year memories.

Happy Valentine's Day! - Pepper Design Blog

Follow baby's first year!

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"Daddy's little guy" 4-Piece Outfit Set from Carter's.

4-Piece Outfit Set

"Coolest nephew ever." teething bib from Carter's.

Cool Nephew Teething Bib

"i'm cute. mom's cute. dad's lucky." Carter's teething bib.

Dad's Lucky Teething Bib
  • Rosey Medina
    Rosey Medina

    Eloisa Castillo

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    Eloisa Castillo

    love Rosey Medina

"I love hugs" and fishy kisses. #carters #littlelayette

3-Piece Bodysuit Pant Set

hospital bag checklist. what was your must-have item?

rnlMusings: Baby Week: What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag
  • Vae Victis
    Vae Victis

    I breastfed and used a soother. My son loved both. Oh, and he loved formula too. He loved it all. And YES bring those granny panties...Better than those bizarre mesh ones they give you at the hospital...

  • Karissa Kelso
    Karissa Kelso

    I agree with Jesse. It's not wrong to use a soothie/pacifier. My daughter uses it (19 months) and she's fine. And she was breastfed. Granny panties? YES. I agree with all of it. We were so unprepared the first time.

  • Karissa Kelso
    Karissa Kelso

    It doesn't cause nipple confusion. My daughter used it from like 3 weeks.

  • Karissa Kelso
    Karissa Kelso

    Wow. That was really rude, I'm sorry if my comment came off rude, but I meant that each child is different. And if I had used a bottle, that would have been my choice. Who are you to judge anyone on the choices they made with their child? Even if you were a lactation consultant you'd still be a judgemental idiot. I actually have educated myself, and while yes, paci's MAY cause nipple confusion, it doesn't happen to ALL kids. That's like saying because one person got the flu from the flu shot EVERYONE is going to. No. Not everyone does. Educate myself? Honey, I am educated. You need to practice what you preach, you righteous judgemental idiot. People have to make certain decisions because of different circumstances.

  • Leah

    I've worked with hundreds of babies in a hospital setting and have yet to see any of them have "nipple confusion." Yah, it can keep parents who don't understand breastfeeding from putting a baby to breast as much as they require, but it certainly won't prevent them from eating.

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Gift for expecting mothers to take to the hospital when they go into labor.

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Use this checklist to make sure you get all the essentials you need for baby's arrival. #carters #littlelayette

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