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Skin Deep

Skin Deep

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Dr. Woo, LA tattoo artist | single needle

@dr_woo_ssc on Instagram: “A lil single needle botanical vibe for Sonya”

Esther Garcia, butterfat studios, chicago #ink #tattoo

Esther Garcia, Butterfat Studios | Chicago Illinois

Tattoos Change The Face Beauty

K + Q

TAROT TATTOO : LAURA & CAPRICORN  “My story begins with my mother. She was diagnosed with cancer the first day of my freshman year of high school in 1997. She beat it, it came back again, she beat it again, and it came back again…. this went on for 11 years until she passed shortly after her 50th birthday in 2008. Her birthday was a special celebration over the 11 years she suffered. Each year was another feat and she was so proud to have made it. She was my rock, my best friend, my world, and then she was gone. The first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her were terrible, (I still struggle with the holidays today), but nothing compared to the pain I felt on the first birthday she was unable to celebrate. I swore after that year, that I would come up with something to do each and every year on her birthday to make that day somewhat bearable. The first year I tattooed her handwriting and memo from a 16th birthday card. The second I tattooed a diamond. The third, her favorite flower and the fourth, her portrait and writing. This year, I wanted to display my mothers love for her birth sign. She believed heavily in the fact she was a capricorn. I couldnt agree more because she was faithful, ambitious, determined and sincere. And I miss her everyday. I’ve always admired Kim Krans’ work and this image fit so beautifully ♥ Thank you for reading!” - Laura


TAROT TATTOO : HELEN & LEO “The real story behind how this tattoo came into being—I first became familiar with The Wild Unknown through Catbird boutique in Brooklyn. With my ever-growing spiritual and astrological interests/beliefs, was captivated by Kim’s artistic portrayal of Leo. The dainty yet extremely bejeweled headpiece literally roars "Leo” in that we are surprisingly delicate, loving, and gentile, yet at the same time fierce and, rather flashy! I imagined the jewels in the headpiece as black onyx, which is the traditional astrological stone of the Leo.. And though detail can sometimes be difficult in tattoos meant to resemble specific art pieces, my artist at Anonymous Tattoo (Clay) really nailed it. I wouldn’t want to have been born at any other time.. I’m proud of my Leo-ness and I love that our generosity (usually) makes up for our again, attitude problems. There’s nothing more powerful to me than this sign, and the symbol of a lion, and I wanted a gorgeous representation of that strength and grace on my body to remind myself of strength in times of weakness, and of generosity in times of greed, of ambition in times of laziness (Leo’s are known for their lounging) and of love in times of arrogance. Maybe ironically, a lion has always traditionally been portrayed on the Strength tarot, one of my favorite tarot cards. Reminding us all that, in pulling this card, we can overcome any obstacle in our path. I wear my Leo on my arm with pride and you wouldn’t believe the compliments I get on the artwork (I always immediately refer them to the Wild Unknown).  Sometimes I even get the chance to introduce somebody to tarot!) Soon, I’ll get one of the Wild Unknown tarot cards tattooed on me.. But like those before me who have TWU tarot tats, I need to carefully figure which resonates with me the greatest. Right now I’m leaning toward the 8 of pentacles—I can only imagine the work involved in a spider weaving that lovely of a web.“ - Helen


dogma-dotwork: Tattoo by 23Dogma.

You met me at a very strange time in my life.

Done by Chris @ Silver Needles, Southend, UK. Instagram Chris Bint #ink #tattoo

Done by Chris @ Silver Needles, Southend, UK....

wrist tattoo by bicemsinik via Instagram

tattoo inspo//


Kirk Jones - Melbourne #ink #tattoo

Kirk Jones - Melbourne @kirk_jones submitted...

Rose Tattoo

Rose Tattoo But With More Detail/shading…love The Placement

rose hand #inked #ink #tattoo #tattoos #tats #inkedmag

colar | TopTattooGirls

ornamental by jean-philippe burton #hand #tattoos

Seriously Ruined: Featured Tattoo Artist | Jean-Philippe Burton

Instead he focuses on building texture. | Dr. Woo May Be The Coolest Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Dr. Woo May Be The Coolest Tattoo Artist In Los Angeles

Sleeping little pug tattoo.

smokee-e-mirrors: ~Drop Dead | via Tumblr no We Heart It.

Graphic Design & Tattoos

Susanne König at Salon Serpent in Amsterdam #ink #tattoo

Found the best socks to go with my calf tattoos!...

Shoulder Pug Tattoos | Back Pug Tattoo Design Photos

Shoulder Pug Tattoos | Back Pug Tattoo Design Photos

Otto Ottorinod’ambra


Ian Shakhmatov - Dotwork Cloudscape