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Funny pictures about Bosses be like. Oh, and cool pics about Bosses be like. Also, Bosses be like.

Family!! This is my favorite way that I have seen this quote presented.

This is my favorite way of seeing this quote presented.

For a faith-based camp - photograph your symbol using people.    If your camp logo is simple this would work, too.

Awesome cross made with hands. Love this picture. This would be awesome with your bridesmaid hands then fotoshop a wedding picture of the bride and groom in the middle

~ 09-11-2013 Going to take a short visit to my parents since long time...

Easy And Amazing Weight Loss Method

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears - Nelson Mandela quote

Henri Cartier-Bresson

This is a photo by Henri Carier-Bresson I like this one becaue it has a leading line angle in and I like the way how he took this picture looking up spiral stairs with people popping their heads up,

Henri Cartier Bresson - Friendship

History In Pictures ‏- Two little kids dancing on the streets of New York City, c. -Swear, little kids dancing is the best thing I ever see :)

Henri Cartier Bresson

Henri Cartier Breton - in Paris, the mini skirt had arrived - not to everyones approval. Inspiration for our Monochrome Twist shoot in the June 16 issue.


The joy of water brittanycorner: My heart! (From the National Geographic Traveler 2012 Photo Contest)

EXERCISE TO MATCH YOUR HOBBY - To get committed to being physical active, what a smart and actually fun way it is to do exercises that correspond to your ho...

Glutes work out Damn! I want those glutes. Have to add this glute workout into my weekly routine.