My parents were both crazy about Linda Ronstadt. She was a Tucson native, and we actually shopped at her family's hardware store, Ronstadt's. Her biggest hits are Blue Bayou, When Will I Be Loved, Ooh Baby Baby, That'll Be The Day, and You're No Good.

Before Pat Benatar, Madonna or Lady Gaga there was Linda Rondstat. No dance moves, no gimmicks, no crazy costumes, just a beautiful woman with a huge voice! The Genuine Music of the

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Linda Maria Ronstadt is an American popular music recording artist. She has earned eleven Grammy Awards, two Academy of Country Music awards, an Emmy Award, an ALMA Award, numerous others....SHE IS AMAZING! Google Image Result for

Rolling Stone cover shot photo: This was the shot used for the cover without the RS logo, text, etc. The photo came from a Annie Leibovitz book of photos. This photo was uploaded by Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt - still love her - sending good thoughts

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Linda Ronstadt music- I love her music and own many of her albums of the


simpledreamin: (Thank you to Erik for sending in this photo)

Linda Ronstadt Vintage 1977 Poster (Music Memorabilia) ,

Linda Ronstadt Vintage 1977 Poster (Music Memorabilia) ,