Casati Budapest Hotel

Typical of Budapest architecture, the quiet courtyard covered with colorful ivy opens to the sky and creates an oasis for our guests. The interior design is a…
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an office with two chairs and a table in the center, surrounded by white tile flooring
Casati Budapest Hotel
Reception in Casati Budapest Hotel.
two chairs sitting at a wooden table in front of a shelf with potted plants
Nice color chairs..! Where is this from..? The Casati Budapest Hotel!
two chairs and a table in a room with black and white checkered flooring
Casati Budapest Hotel
Hotel Casati - Budapest Breakfast area
a bed sitting next to a window in a bedroom under a painting on the wall
Casati Budapest Hotel
The combination of tradition and comfort provide these rooms with a casual warmth, naturalistic design and soft textures.
a bedroom with white walls and blue ceiling
Casati Budapest Hotel
These minimalist rooms use a subtle combination of silver and white to create an airy, light ambiance. They are decorated with original artworks by contemporary Hungarian artists.
a bedroom with a bed, chair and painting on the wall in it's corner
Casati Budapest Hotel
These rooms carefully mix old and new. The elegant blend of antique furniture and oil paintings provide luxury comfort.
a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall
Casati Budapest Hotel
These bohemian, hip rooms are designed and painted by cutting edge artists from Budapest. The imaginative wall paintings create a truly unique and fun atmosphere in the “cool” rooms featuring modern design furniture that combine design and style.