Work out Motivation

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Don't let yourself down. You will be bound to disappoint others. Day1

The real value of setting goals is not the recognition or reward, it's the person we become by finding the discipline, courage and commitment to achieve them. // Goal Setting has positive long term effects.

Benefits of Weight Training for Female Baby Boomers

Fit Motivation: "Today I do what others wont so tomorrow I can do what others can't.

.....want it for yourself! <3

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Sexy Face

from now on this is your sexy face, and you better be pullin' it every time you workout. just do it


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give it 12 weeks. 3 months.

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Give diet weight loss 12 weeks. Don't quit -- motivational diet & weight loss poster Ok, ok, ok. I'll give it 12 weeks.


Train like an athlete. Eat like a nutritionist. Sleep like a baby. Win like a champion! Now if I can just sleep like a baby!

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