Amazing photo idea if you're wearing a gown with a corset back!

Amazing photo idea if you're wearing a gown with a corset back! My dress will be a corset back

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The 20 most romantic wedding photos of 2013 - Wedding Party. all of these pictures are stunning. Forehead kisses though

this is a lovely picture! if i was having a country wedding i would do this photo. but I think the princess girl in me trumps the country girl in me. so, my girls will wear heels, lol!

Great bridesmaid pose, except with each having different really colourful unique heels :) not a fan of cowboy boots

As seen on Weddings by the Breakers, with this photo courtesy of Chris Joriann Fine Art Photography, join together for a champagne toast!

21 Wedding Photo Ideas for your Bridal Party

Wedding Photograph Ideas for your Bridal Party. this is cute bridesmaids making a toast and taking a picture from underneath

Am I the only one who noticed when two people are about to kiss it creates this less than perfect heart shaped image? I think it is one of God's amazing pieces of art that is part of us. That when two people are in love, their relationship is far from perfect but they still love each other. So I might over think things, but I've always thought this since I was a child watching Disney and Sound of Music and other movies, anyone else notice this?

Lover's silhouette love photography black and white couples kiss close. You may have to look for a while to see the silhouette image.

Love this idea. :)

Flower girl wearing the bride's veil. This would be a really cute picture for the bride to give the flower girl later on her wedding day.

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