Poison Caramel Apples - perfect for a Halloween or Snow White themed party

Poison Toffee Apples for Halloween Recipe type: Sweets, Candy, Halloween Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 20 mins Total time: 25 mins Serves:. (Could do caramel apple instead and just add black food coloring😉)

Black Velvet Cake...apparently  'most scrumptious version of red velvet cake i’ve ever made. true story. you know how sometimes red velvet cakes are super-gorgeous to look at, but once you take a bite you realize it’s just a good-looking heap of dry crumbs?    not this cake. it’s got beauty and brains! well, good looks and a moist crumb, rather. same difference, really' Mmmm I may have to try it!

Black Velvet Layer Cake - With chocolate marshmallow frosting. Most scrumptious version of red velvet cake, very moist. Perfect for halloween.

Halloween mummies.

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Mummy Wrapped Baked Hot Dog Recipe: Halloween inspired lunch for small children. This recipe is sure to bring giggles and laughter as little hands wrap their hot dog mummies themselves.

50 Halloween Recipes Guaranteed to Freak Out Your Guests via Brit + Co.

50 Halloween Recipes Guaranteed to Freak Out Your Guests

Spider Eggs: Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Eggs This is extra scary because I HATE spiders, and I'm petrified of them. I love avocado and i think a spicy deviled eggs with spider egg details is a cool idea, although not my favourite in terms of scare-factor!

Halloween blood fondue bar

Blood Fondue Bar by Sugar & Spice Ingredients: 12 oz white chocolate chips 1 cup heavy cream 4 tbl butter Red food coloring Strawberries Sponge Cake (cut into cubes) Pretzels Purple Grapes, see…

Fang napkin holder - super cool idea for a Halloween party

Fang Napkin Holders Use plastic vampire fangs as napkin rings: Just roll up a cloth napkin and insert it between the top and bottom chompers.

For halloween, create rows of sharp "teeth" on strawberries for those delicious…

30+ Spooktacular Halloween Cupcakes

Monster Strawberry Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream and crushed oreo cookies are so cute and not as unhealthy as some Halloween treats

64 Non-Candy Halloween Snack Ideas

64 Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas For Kids (Non-Candy)

healthy snack idea for the kids - Candy Corn Fruit Cocktails. They're comprised of pineapples, oranges, whipped cream and candy corn.I would substitute the whipped cream for a dollop of greek yogurt! You can keep the actual candy corn.

This site has a whole list of cool/not cheesy scary foods for a Halloween party

For safe dry ice, fill a large spice ball with small chunks of dry ice and place into the brew. This recipe is Green Lime Sherbert, 2 quarts Pineapple Juice, and 2 liters Ginger Ale.

Not sure why but somehow the white bat seems creepier to me than the traditional black!

White Bat Napkin Setting (paint rubber bats with a light coat of white paint . could probably hot glue into napkin rings and/or hot glue on rings)

These Gummy Worm Shooters make the perfect drink for a Halloween wedding reception! Find more creepy ideas here.

Make jello shots with a gummy worm sticking out of it. The gummy worm 'handle' will make the jello shot easier to eat!