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a group of people sitting around in a living room with the words full house home tour
Full House Tour: Main Floor, Upstairs [CG Tour]
Full House Tour: Main Floor, Upstairs [CG Tour]
an empty room with white walls and brown flooring in the middle is seen here
All the tiles we're using in the Hacienda Hideaway - Jenna Sue Design
a bathroom vanity with two sinks and mirrors
Devonshire project take ii
a woman sitting on some steps smiling at the camera with her arms crossed and eyes closed
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the addams family house floor plan from the tv show it's about time
The Addams Family home at 0001 Cemetery Lane — Blueprints
a living room filled with furniture and stairs
The Houses in the Classic Movie "Leave Her to Heaven"
Leave Her to Heaven movie Bar Harbor house (15) I think the overuse of chintz was what really drove Gene Tierney's character to murder
a kitchen with an orange counter top and green chairs around a round dining room table
"The Brady Bunch" House Through the Years
The Brady Bunch House: The Story Behind the Sets of a Classic Sitcom - Hooked on Houses
a room with a checkered floor and stairs
White Christmas
The Inn from White Christmas! It won the vote on my site as the next movie home you would like to see me re-create. I'll be showing every nook and cranny that the cameras quickly panned past. Then, as usual, I'll make a video walk-through tour so we can feel like we've been there. It's not up on the site yet, this is just a sneak peek. But, it's coming soon!
a kitchen with an island table and two lamps hanging from the ceiling, in front of large windows
Mayberry Makeover
Aunt Bee's kitchen gets updated. To see more of the before and after, click this link:
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in front of a stone wall
Mayberry Makeover
Aunt Bee got to do a complete makeover of their home in Mayberry. Come have a look at the link below:
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
Aunt Bee's Kitchen
The view Barney would have as he comes in the back door to the kitchen.
a small kitchen with an old fashioned stove and table in the center, along with white cabinets
Aunt Bee's Kitchen
Aunt Bee's kitchen with the 4th wall added, so it feels like a real home. To see more, click the image.
an overhead view of a living room and dining area in a house with blue walls
The Andy Griffith Show
Overhead view of Andy's Mayberry home.
a living room filled with furniture next to a stone wall
Andy Griffith Show Home | mockingbirdlane
The Andy Griffith Show living room. I do 3D renderings of iconic TV homes, give video walk-through tours and then remodel them.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in front of a painting on the wall
Virtual Tour Tv Homes | Mockingbird Lane
Brady Bunch Remodel: Mike's Den. I do 3D renderings of iconic TV homes, give video walk-through tours including the 4th wall, so it feels like you're walking through a real home. Then, just for fun, I remodel them. Enjoy!