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Prêt à Présenter... Ready to Give!

Prêt à Présenter... Ready to Give!

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38 Best DIY Food Gifts "Use these as a launch pad for your own creations. Happy Holidays, Friends, with love and great respect." -Cas

"One more reason to love Sweet Lulu is -- some of the most adorable and affordable party and package wares. Brilliant." -Cas

Pumpkin Spice Rice Krispie Treats. "I'm pinning this because I like the idea of wrapping bars like this, and RKTs are an easy thing to make and give... so yeah. BUT... once again... three states... seven markets... and I still can't find a box of freakin' Pumpkin Spice pudding." -Cas

Fudge, molded in sugar cones. Wrap, label and decorate for gifting and favors. I love this. -Cas

Heat Sealable Tea Bags. "Ridiculously inexpensive and ridiculously versatile, from teas to tub soaks to potpourri pots to sachets. From Majestic Mountain Sage. I buy mostly loose-leaf tea, and I have a gazillion tea pots, strainers, tea balls, muslin bags, one-use DIY teabags, and such -- but here's a way to pack 'em up a few at a time to have handy for near-future use and take-along." -Cas

DIY Food Gifts. "From the surprisingly laid back Martha. Nothing too persnickety here. Like bourbon, the old gal's mellowing with age. Some of these are quite lovely." -Cas

"Martha posted this for gifting chocolate coins (and yes, my Jewish friends, with an appropriate blue and silver theme this will be a GREAT Gelt-Gifting giveaway). I think this is a lovely way to not only wrap small holiday (or birthday) gifts and party favors and take-away confectionery treats, but also to feel less guilty about not switching to core-less TP rolls. WTF?" -Cas

"Button cookies. You need a shortbread (butter cookie) recipe, two biscuit cutters (one slightly smaller than the other), and a drink stirrer (to make the holes)."

A fabulously persnickety way of wrapping and packaging chocolate gifts.

Decorative take-away paper favor cones. "Even if you need to bag it or wax-paper it to keep it from leeching (think candied nuts or caramel corn) you can stick the wrapped goods in these for beautiful hosting brilliance." -Cas

"Chocolate in Scalloped Envelopes" -- I had to post this on my DIY board here because I intend to make these immediately. It's totally my style of presentation, it is eerily similar to my illustrating style, and I have like a dozen different decorative scalloping sheers. Plus chocolate makes everything a work of art. -Cas

Gift Wrap for Food Stuffs: Tissue paper ironed between 2 sheets of wax paper. #Brilliant

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Cupcake Take-Away. "I love this idea for goodie bags, since nobody ever leaves my house without leftovers anyway..." -Cas

Party Favor Idea. "I'm not loving the recipe, necessarily, but the gist is: caramel dip in a 1/2-pint mason jar, placed in a cello bag and topped with a fresh apple. Tie it with raffia and ribbon and VOILA -- take home treats for party guests. I would use this twist with any combo: cheese spread or hot dip (mason jars reheat in micro!) topped with baguette slices or homemade crackers. Ugh. One more thing to make me late for my own dinner party..." --Cas

Hot Chocolate Make-it-Your-Damned-Self Sticks. "These can be favors, or what I'd love to see, just put out on the dessert beverage bar with a pot of steaming hot milk set there at the ready for guests to indulge themselves in a freshly made mug. I'm thinking it must be fudge consistency, and the flavor varieties and garnish possibilities endless. Winter cookie and hot beverage party, with take-home favors. Pass the cellophane bags..." -Cas

PAPER MART - "The most DANGEROUS (read: amazeballs!) source of packaging goods for gifts and favors and anything you want presented in such a way as to say 'I ain't no frigging slouch, the shit I'm giving you is beautiful and AWESOMESAUCE.' -- Everything you can imagine you'd ever need. And then twice as much stuff you never thought of." -Cas

3 Compound Butter Recipes. "But more importantly, the idea to wrap them in bar form in waxed paper, keep refrigerated (I suggest frozen) and give as prêt à présenter take-home favors for your party guests." -Cas