Family is precious....Family we're born that have adopted us (vice versa also) Family & Family of Friends.....I love all my acquaintances too...for you never know when they will become Family! <3

This is my favorite quote from lilo and stitch " Ohana means family family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten " :)

Walt Disney

Thank you Walt Disney for creating a magical world that is just as realistic as the real one. Thank you for teaching me to dream and never give up. Thank you for being truly one of the most amazing people to ever walk the earth.

What It’s Like To Be In College, As Told By Our Favorite Disney Characters | Her Campus

What It’s Like To Be In College, As Told By Our Favorite Disney Characters

love log homes

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Little reasons to smile.

best feeling ever <<< Unless my hair actually looks decent that day haha.' But most of the time I really like having my hair played with

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Image de stitch, disney, and stich

Stitch is so CUTE! Lilo and stitch is one of my all time favorite Disney movies.

Hoodies, Hot Cocoa, Boots, Jeans, Cuddling, Crisp Air, Flushed Cheeks, AND Football.

Autumn has arrived! It is my absolute favorite day of the year. You can't see me, but I'm dancing for utter joy, and I won't be able to take the smile off my face for at least 3 months! What's your favorite thing about autumn?