Tree/Leaf Identification

Worked well for a cub scout hike Tree/Leaf Identification sheet - perfect for nature walks and Tremendous Trees!

leaf art

Creative crafts for kids of all ages: Leaf printing. Just paint on a rainbow design of a tree on a leaf and use as a stamp.

Getting kids outdoors more, the answer may be in natural playgrounds

Adding stumps and other balancing elements creates a sand play area that is so much more than just a sand box. This appeals to a much wider age range than a box of sand. Can become a fire pit when the kids get older.

outdoor games

10 outdoor games for kids, including "pick pocket tag"

nature exploration ideas

Aspen, Colorado exploring-nature-with-kids

love this blog about kids and nature

Go Explore Nature: Your A-to-Z Guide to Summer Backyard Nature Fun

sorting nature objects in an egg carton -  the egg carton is a fantastic container in nature walking.

sorting nature objects in an egg carton - the egg carton is a fantastic container in nature walking. My kids love doing this!

Acorn Cap Jewels

Acorn Cap Jewels

Acorn Cap Jewels - just color the inside of acorn caps with markers and fill with white elmer& glue. The color seeps into the glue and hardens as it dries. Would make a cute border around a fairy garden.

outdoor alphabet idea

Make an alphabet using natural and man made objects (upper and lower case letters) this would link to materials (science) and link/ intro communities (soc st. - natural and built features of communities).

Seattle Nature Preschool Blog

Seattle Nature Preschool Blog

imagine childhood blog with ideas for nature walks, gardening, stories...

Go get lost today.

Blog entry on providing your kids with a green hour- ‘A green hour is simply a time for families to unplug, unwind, and recharge as they reconnect to the natural world – and to each other’. - Todd Christopher

50 outdoor activities every child should experience - How many have your children tried? - little eco footprints

outdoor play enhances indoor play  (1000 hours outside)

outdoor play enhances indoor play hours outside)

Odyssey Outdoors | Join a Family Outdoor Adventure Group, for a Childhood Well Lived

Join an Odyssey Outdoors family outdoor adventure group and enjoy family time, friendship, outdoor skill-building and character development together.

I really like this blog. Great place to find info on Urban wildlife in Seattle. This post is on the Magnuson Park wetlands.

The Metropolitan Field Guide Magnuson Park:: Reconstructed Wetlands - The Metropolitan Field Guide

Wilderness Survival School

Wilderness Survival School