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    Laughter is the Best Medicine!

    Laughter is the Best Medicine!

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    That's how I work out

    Daily motivation (25 photos)

    Cute fall outfits!

    9 cute casual outfits for fall -

    Pretty much how I cook..

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    The worst

    FitBoard Post

    Every. Single. One... I laughed my head off.

    Buffalo Wing Hummus - Emily Bites

    Funny answers to teacher from kids

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    Then Vs Now - GiantGag

    I thought I wanted a career. Turns out I just wanted paychecks.

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    Every time I go to Starbucks.

    Funny Pictures - 41 Pics

    Too funny not to pin

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    funny tumblr post hashtag toast

    20 Funniest Pics From #FunnyTumblrPostNight
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    a lump.

    Everything and everyone

    Seriously though hahah

    the-worst-6 : theBERRY

    Grumpy Cat still doesn’t get Frozen.

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    I laughed way too hard at this

    One Liner Jokes That Are So Dumb, They're Funny Part 2 - 15 Pics

    Don't stop believin'.

    hmm....Mother-in-law... most critcizing, manipulative, evil, fake smile in your face, vindictive witch whom loves to cause family strife...that about sums it up!

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    "Sorry my mom said no" -

    too funny!

    Was it wearing boxer shorts?

    Excuse me while I go laugh at this for three years.

    MobiTalent on the App Store on iTunes

    I can show you the door, right this way there's the exit, go straight out cuz you irk the everloving piss right outta me...

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    True dat...

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    Everrryyy daaaayyyy LOL this was actually funny!

    Waking Up Early In The Morning