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for my future lost boy

i've settled on a peter pan theme for a boy's nursery. i love peter pan and i think it is a perfect theme. i want my kids to be imaginative and playful and believe that anything can happen.

For those who have kids that love legos - tool box for legos (loving the joseph addai poster above it too)

Mustache on a pacifier. nick will kill me but i will NEED this!

want to do something like this with some cool minimalist movie posters

Little man onesie idea-- make different color bow ties and attach with a snap. ADORABLE!!!!!

65 Favorite Read-Alouds for BOYS

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Matt Williams

Hero by Steve Womack ( ...hero is an AMAZING movie, it's where i learned that it's worth reading the subtitles sometimes

WALL-E by disenchantedwonderland anonymous’ request

Walt Disney's The Jungle Book by Sam Novak of disney's BEST adventure movies

Wendy Darling by Sam Novak ...yes its a girl in the poster, but she's from peter pan

Peter Pan by Sam Novak ...O.M.G! this is my color palette for a boy's room. this is fantastic!

Harry Potter Collection by Brian Belanger ...some serious love for this collection