Keeps area along foundation dry and easily accessible (check for termites).

Gretchen says: A beautiful space sets up a beautiful life. You deserve your entry way to welcome peace and not simply store clutter. gallery wall for living art!

Wave Petunias Spilling Out of a Barrel

Wave Petunias Spilling Out of a Barrel - beautiful garden idea, i like purple or pink wave petunias but the white looks nice and frothy - great upcycle use for a wooden bucket no longer able to hold flowers - could use another container as well

como se faz canteiro com pedras no jardim - Pesquisa Google

Put these beside the gate to the second fence (placed in the bigger yard)

10 Garden Decorating Ideas with Rocks and Stones - Ideas for garden decorations

Arrange rocks to create a beautiful garden. It gives best design for a perfect landscaping art.